Cosmetic Breast Surgery
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There are many varied Cosmetic Breast Surgery procedures available to women, according to the reason you would like the procedure and your envisaged end result. But whatever your reasons, there will be a breast surgery procedure to meet your individual needs.

You may wish to increase or decrease the size of your breasts, or perhaps are in need of breast reduction or an uplift: please be assured that all of these cosmetic surgery procedures are long-established,so whichever plastic surgery you may require will be performed by first class cosmetic surgeons with the utmost skill and extensive experience of the operation.

Below you will find details concerning the various breast surgery procedures and there is more information on each dedicated page of the Cosmetic Surgery Consultants website. Please feel free, however, to contact us at any time by completing our online enquiry form.

Different ways for breast impants (Cosmetic Breast Surgery)

Most common Technique
In this technique, the surgeon makes a cut on the underside of the breast. Then he will place the implant through the cut.

Another Technique
In this technique, the surgeon places the implant through a cut under your arm. An edoscope is used to do the surgery with this technique. Advantage of this technique is that there would be no scar around your breast.

Newer Technique
With this technique, the implant is through a cut near the belly button. The suregeon uses an endoscope up to the breast area and a saline implant is placed and filled.

Why to go for this procedure?

Breast augmentation is done to increase the size of your breasts. It helps in breast lift and is usually done to lift sagging, loose breasts. The size of the arola, the pink / dark brown skin surrounding the nipple can also be reduced.
Breast surgery can improve your apperance and can renew your self-confidence.

Things to do before procedure:

Tell your doctor about:
1) If you are pregnant
2) Which drugs are you using, herbs or supplements you used with or without consultation.
3) Stop taking asprin or any other drug that makes it hard for blood to clot.
4) Arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery.
5) Try not to smoke.

On the day of surgery:
1) Do not drink or eat anything after midnight.
2) Wear or bring loose clothings, bra without underwire.

  • The breast reduction surgery is performed for physical relief. It involves removal of excess breast tissues tpo reshape and life the breasts.
  • The surgery helps you have increased comfort in your neck, upper back and shoulders.
  • The surgeon removes glandar tissue and fat from the lower part of the breast.
  • The breast reduction surgery usually takes 2 to 3 hours and is done under general anesthesia. After breast reduction, you may lose feeling in your nipples for around 6 weeks. The feeling subsides gradually as the swelling goes down.
  • In a few cases, where only fats needs to be removed liposuction can be used.
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